2021 edition rules

The Barcelona Olympic Foundation, through the Joan Antoni Samaranch Olympic and Sports Museum, is launching the tenth edition of the Barcelona Olympic Foundation International Art on Paper Award, from now biannual, on a sports theme, aimed at promoting the links between art and sport.



A maximum number of two entries may be submitted by artists over the age of 18, of any nationality and place of residence.

First-prize winners in previous editions cannot enter the competition again until three subsequent editions of the competition have elapsed.


The theme must be linked to sport and/or the Olympic movement from any perspective. Works executed on any paper medium, which are original and unique (not open to reproduction by mechanical or digital means) and that have not garnered an award in any other competition, will be accepted. Measurements of the work cannot exceed 100 cm or be less than 50 cm on any side, and the maximum weight admitted will be 7 kg. Should the work comprise more than one piece (diptychs, triptychs, etc.), its full assembled size will be taken into consideration and must fall within the stipulated maximum size. Instructions for its assembly must also be attached.


Three prizes will be awarded with the corresponding award diplomas: first place will be granted €2,500, second place will be given €1,800 and third place, €1,200. To the aforementioned amounts, the valid withholding tax shall be applied. The winning works will become the property of the Barcelona Olympic Foundation and will be incorporated into their art collection.

The panel of judges reserves the right to declare any award null and void and to give honourable mentions with no monetary reward.


The participation procedure entails two phases:

FIRST PHASE: Registration, submission of documentation and selection of works.

Registration must be carried out and all the requisite documentation must be submitted via Internet following the instructions featured on the award’s website: https://www.artsobrepaper.cat/en/bases/ (If, in exceptional cases, a participant does not have Internet access, the organisation shall request that all the documentation be submitted by ordinary post, in accordance with the instructions received to this end).

1 The registration form must be completed online, on the website itself

2 The following documentation must be attached:

2.1 A PDF file bearing the name “name_surname.pdf”, which is to include the following scanned documents:

2.2 Photocopy of DNI (Spanish National Identification Card) / NIE (Foreign Resident Identification Card) / Passport (other nationalities), proving their identity.

2.3. Authorisation for the release of images and the transfer of rights (appendix).

2.4. Work1_ name_surname.jpg; containing a digital photograph of the competition entry, well focussed and in a sufficient resolution and size, to be viewed and appraised by the panel of judges (a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and a minimum size of 13×18 are recommended), duly identified by its title.

2.5. Work2_name_surname.jpg.

2.6. name_surname_CV.pdf (PDF file containing a brief CV of the artist (60 lines max.) and five images in high resolution of other recent works by the artist, accompanied by a list with the corresponding technical specifications.

The timeframe for submitting all the requisite documentation (obligatory for entering the competition) will be from 24th March 2020 (the date of publication of these rules on the Barcelona Olympic Foundation website) and 2nd October 2020.

Once the documentation is received, the organisation will send the participant the corresponding confirmation of receipt.

The panel of judges will examine all the portfolios submitted and select the works that will proceed to the second phase. The finalists will be posted on the website https://www.artsobrepaper.cat/en/noticies/ and the artists will receive personal notification by telephone or e‐mail.

SECOND PHASE: Presentation of the shortlisted original works.

All the shortlisted works from the first phase will be sent to the same address before 4th December 2020. The transportation costs will be incurred by the participant.

The works, signed by the author, will be submitted on a rigid support, with no glass, but may be protected with transparent and shatter-resistant plastic (such as acrylic glass) and bordered with a narrow frame (2.5 cm max.). The packaging will not be reusable for returning the work.

The reverse side will bear a label attached stating: the author, title, technical specifications, correct positioning (if necessary) and the mention “Barcelona Olympic Foundation International Art on Paper Award”.

Despite having been shortlisted, in the second phase, the panel of judges may disqualify works that, once examined, do not fulfil the minimum standards of quality or do not arrive in satisfactory conditions for their exhibition.

The organisation will not be responsible for any customs formalities required to send works of art from foreign countries. If, for this reason, the works do not arrive within the timeframe stipulated, they will excluded from the competition for all intents and purposes.


The panel of judges will comprise four or five members, including:

A representative from the Barcelona Olympic Foundation’s Board of Trustees;
A professor of Fine Arts and/or a painter;
A critic from the Catalan and International Association of Art Critics (ACCA and AICA, respectively);
A professional gallery owner or renowned manager in the realm of plastic arts.

The panel’s verdict will be final. The identity of the panel members will be made public before the selection phase.

Once the selected works are received, the panel of judges will meet to appraise, discuss and award the three prizes in accordance with criteria mainly based on the following aspects:

The quality of execution of the work;
The strength of the concept or discourse;
Creativity and originality;
The work’s contemporary and/or innovative nature.

Notification of the verdict will be given to the winners within a maximum of 20 days following the deadline for receipt of the works and will be published on the website of the Barcelona Olympic Foundation International Art on Paper Award https://www.artsobrepaper.cat/?lang=en. The notice will also include the final list of selected works for exhibition and for the virtual catalogue that will be posted on the Internet.


The winning entries and finalists will be exhibited in the exhibition hall at the Olympic Museum (the possibility of the exhibition travelling to another Olympic museum is also contemplated) on dates that will be duly announced in the media and on the museum’s official website: http://museuolimpicbcn.cat/eng/home.asp and the Prize: https://www.artsobrepaper.cat/?lang=en.

The works will be handled with the utmost care; however, the organisation is not liable for any damages the works may suffer during their transportation, handling, storage or exhibition, nor for theft or loss during their transportation. Should the artist have taken out some form of insurance, notification must be given thereof.

Once the exhibition has come to an end, the non-winning participants will have a period of two months to collect the works at the address indicated (with proof of receipt and ID) or to request the return of the works (the participant hiring a transport agency); alternatively, the participant has the option of donating the work(s) to the Foundation. In this case or if the Foundation does not receive any answer during the specified time, the organisation will use the granted piece as appropriated.


By participating, the author transfers the rights of dissemination, distribution and public disclosure of their name and the work(s) submitted in any type of medium, format or support – tangible or intangible –, for information-based, educational and, in particular, dissemination purposes linked to the scope of the Foundation and non-profit-making. When the selected or winning works are reproduced by the Barcelona Olympic Foundation, the works will always bear the author’s name.

The three winning entries will remain the property of the Barcelona Olympic Foundation and their authors will transfer, with no time limit, the aforementioned rights to the Foundation. In the case of non-winning shortlisted entries, said transfer of rights will have a time limit of three years.


Participation in this event implies knowledge, understanding and full acceptance of these rules. Any questions or queries that may arise in their interpretation will be resolved at the discretion of the Barcelona Olympic Foundation’s Board of Trustees.


Basic information on data protection

Data controller

Identity: Fundació Barcelona Olímpica
Address: Avinguda de l’Estadi, 60 – post code 08038 Barcelona
Tax ID number: G-60309655
Contact: protecciodades@fbolimpica.es


Management and administration of the International Art on Paper Award


Legal rules of the International Art on Paper Award


Transfer of data is not envisaged and, if appropriate, they will be transferred to third parties only if the data subject grants his or her unequivocal consent or in cases of compliance with the execution of a contract, a legitimate interest, the public interest or legal obligations.


To access, rectify and delete the data, as well as other rights, as outlined in the additional information on the data protection policy.

Additional information

See below for further information on the data protection policy.


Data controller

Identity: Fundació Barcelona Olímpica
Address: Avinguda de l’Estadi, 60 – post code 08038 Barcelona
Tax ID number: G-60309655
Phone number: 93.426.06.60
Contact: protecciodades@fbolimpica.es

Purposes of the data processing

The management and administration of the International Award.

Legitimation and retention period

Participation in the competition will entail the express and unequivocal consent of the participant owning the data to their processing by the FBO in the terms and for the purposes stipulated above.
The legal basis for the processing of the data are these rules for the International Award.
The winning participants’ personal data will be safeguarded for such time as they do not withdraw their consent.


Transfer of the personal data provided by data subjects to third parties is not envisaged beyond those provided for in these bases or provided that the interested party has given their consent.
However, if appropriate, they will be assigned to third parties only if the data subject grants his/her unequivocal consent or in cases of compliance with the execution of a contract, a legitimate interest, the public interest or legal obligations.
International data transfers are not envisaged.

Data categories

The categories of data processed are as follows:
• Name and surnames
• ID card, Foreign Resident Identification Number or passport
• Postal or electronic address
• Phone number

Security measures for the personal data

In compliance with the current regulations, the FBO guarantees that it has taken all the technical and organisational measures necessary to maintain the required level of security, bearing in mind the nature of the personal data processed.

Rights of the data subject

• Any person has the right to obtain confirmation of whether the FBO is processing his or her personal data.
• Data subjects have the right to access their personal data, as well as to request the rectification of any inaccurate data and, if appropriate, to request their deletion when, among other reasons, the data are no longer required for the purposes for which they were collected.
• Under certain circumstances, data subjects may request the restriction of the processing of their data, in which case the FBO will only retain them to file or defend itself against claims.
• Under certain circumstances, for reasons related to their particular situation, data subjects may object to the processing of their data. The FBO will cease to process the data unless there are compelling legitimate reasons to do so or to file or defend itself against claims.
• Data subjects may request the portability of their data from another data controller in automated form in the event of processing permitted by the General Data Protection Regulation.
• Upon the cancellation of the data they will only be retained in blocked status, in compliance with the legal obligations.
To sum up, data provided will be processed by the FBO in accordance with the purposes outlined in this document and, in this regard, you are informed that you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion and restriction of their processing, oppose their processing and exercise your right to the portability of the data by writing to protecciodades@fbolimpica.es, without prejudice to your right to also file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency, the body which exercises supervisory authority in the matter, located at C/Jorge Juan, 6 – 28001 Madrid.
In any event, you may withdraw your consent at any time, without said withdrawal affecting the lawfulness of the processing based upon the consent granted prior to the withdrawal.

Consequences of non-acceptance of these bases

In the event that participants do not accept the full content of these rules, they will not be allowed to take part in the competition.



Mr./Mrs./Ms ………………………………………………

With National Identification/passport No. ……………………… participant in the call for entries for the Barcelona Olympic Foundation International Art on Paper Award, with the work or works entitled:



AUTHORISES the Barcelona Olympic Foundation

1.- To have their name and the work(s) submitted to the competition appear on the lists of finalists and winners of this prize that will be published on the official website of the Barcelona Olympic Foundation or other partner websites and on social media.

2.- To reproduce and disseminate images of their work(s) should they be selected or granted a prize on any support, for the purposes of dissemination and promotion, as well as exhibiting them in the exhibitions that are organised. Should an award ceremony be held, with the winners in attendance, the participant also authorises the dissemination of pictures of the event with their image on any medium or support.

……………………………on…………………………………… 2020

Signed …………………………………………………

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