ART SOBRE PAPER in Sala Àmbit Cultural

VI Art sobre paper

The Barcelona Olympic Foundation’s firm commitment to illustrating how the link between art and sport is closer than ever is shown once again in the popularity of the sixth call for entries for the Art on Paper award, with 2017 seeing the highest number of entries in the history of the event.

The work on show – the winners and finalists in this sixth edition – was selected in accordance with the criteria and assessments of the members of the jury, professional critics, exhibition curators, university lecturers and arts administrators.

Year after year, the Foundation goes on working to stimulate and encourage creative art with sport as its central theme, and to carry on exploring the host of possibilities to inspire latent talent in this genre.
The exhibition will be open since 4th of April till 6th of June 2017 at Sala Àmbit Cultural inside the building of Corte Inglés, Portal de l’Àngel avenue 19, Barcelona.

VI Art sobre paper a sala Àmbit Cultural